A Tale of Two Scenes | Next Magazine


Check out John Russell’s Next Magazine feature on Brooklyn drag vs. Manhattan drag, and whether that’s even a thing.  The end of the piece is key:

“I feel like there are more than two drag scenes,” says Williamsburg drag doyenne Merrie Cherry. “There [are] so many ways to express yourself and the performers of today choose their vehicle.”

Trey LaTrash, whose Thursday night party Bless This Mess at Wreck Room celebrates Bushwick’s “messy” scene, agrees. “You can start with clean versus messy or Brooklyn versus the city, but really it’s much more fragmented than that. Even in the Williamsburg-Bushwick area we have our discerning opinions of what is cool.”

Meanwhile, Alotta McGriddles questions the very notion of categorizing styles of drag. “We gays always have to label something. Some may call me a Brooklyn queen, but I don’t think of myself as one. I’m just an artist with an aesthetic and a voice with something to offer,” she says. “Instead of talking about who’s doing what’s better or different, we should be celebrating that there [are] so many ways to express ourselves.”